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Local understanding. National strength.

Westside Insurance Specialists is an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet, one of Australasia's biggest General Insurance Advice Groups. This relationship lets you benefit, as a Westside Insurance Specialists client, from access to unrivalled financial strength, business efficiencies and buying power spanning every major insurer in Australia and New Zealand, even access to major overseas insurers if and when required.

About Us

Westside was formed by two founding shareholders, Michael Davis and Gail Findlay.
Michael and Gail have a robust background in both the suburban and international market. They have dealt in numerous industry sectors and with a wide range of insurance products and insurance requirements. They have cultivated excellent relationships with the insurer market and are well respected at a senior level in the local insurance market.
Gail has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, having extensive experience in International Broking Houses, Suburban Brokerages and Insurance Companies.


  • Qualified Practicing Insurance Advisers
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Broking)
  • Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance
  • Certified Insurance Professional
  • Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

Westside Insurance Specialists in Kwinana

Ensure you are in well trusted and qualified hands when it comes to business insurance.

Westside Insurance Specialists in Kwinana offer clients only the best advice and protection. We understand the importance of providing high-quality risk management for you and your business.

With years of experience, our professional insurance advisers have detailed knowledge of a vast number of fields focusing on the surrounding businesses of Kwinana.

We create firm relationships with our clients by providing them with our expertise that works uniquely for your organisation. Our insurance advisers work closely with offering appropriate and the most suitable options for you and your business.

Our aim is to provide expertise and knowledge to our clients at Kwinana, and our partners genuinely trust our insurance advisers at Westside Insurance Specialists. Our positive feedback from businesses prove our dedication and commitment. We are prompt with our responses and are always willing to offer only the highest qualified advice at all times. 

By first establishing defined essentials for your business, our insurance advisers then design detailed resources to suit your insurance goals and objectives. Our vast exposure to a wide range of industries has led us to be leaders in the field. We take the time to assess your company’s objectives, financial situation and preferred requirements. We take the complication out of finding the right cover, and we ensure that our solutions are tailored to your business.

In the chance of an incident occurring, we are on your side! Our highly trusted insurance advisers work on your behalf to ensure your claim is sufficiently placed, and you receive your complete entitlements.

Secure your business with our insurance advisers in Kwinana, who recommend the best covers for you. Westside Insurance Specialists are dedicated to providing your business with high-quality risk control. Expect qualified service, expert advice and excellent solutions that determine the measures to be taken place in chance of any incident.

As your appointed General Insurance Adviser, we will:
  • Conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and recommend the most appropriate covers to protect your assets and liabilities
  • Provide alternatives on your risk retention through various excess options
  • Allow you to pay premiums in monthly instalments
  • Recommend the appropriate insurer to match the risk
  • Provide prompt and timely servicing of your general insurance needs to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business.
  • Only recommend financially secure and stable insurers

Unit 18, 40-46 Meares Ave, KWINANA, WA, 6167

Our Team:

Unit 18, 40-46 Meares Ave, KWINANA, WA, 6167

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Insurance Types

Builders Warranty Insurance

Today licensed builders needs Builders’ Warranty Insurance for some, if not all residential jobs. Generally, a Builders’ Warranty Insurance certificate must be submitted before any work can begin.

SME Business Insurance Pack

Business Insurance is used by many businesses, but it’s best suited to SME-type operators.

Business Interruption Insurance

From your family and employees to customers and suppliers, there are a lot of people who depend on your business opening its doors each day.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance provides cover for any physical damage of works or third party liabilities during construction stages of a project.

Cyber Insurance

Technology has never been so deeply entwined in our businesses. While it delivers significant efficiencies and convenience, it also comes with significant cyber risks.

Directors & Officers/Management Liability Insurance

Many small and medium-sized business owners think they don’t need Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance as it’s only relevant to large multi-national companies. However, D&O insurance is just as important to SME’s as any other business.

Home Insurance

For most people, the family home is the largest asset they’ll ever own. This means it is essential to protect it, inside and out, with the right insurance cover. After all, no one wants to discover they’re inadequately insured when it’s too late.

Liability Insurance

Despite the very best of intentions, accidents can still happen in any business. Public and Product Liability Insurance  protects you against claims for personal injury or damage to a third party.

Marine & Hull Insurance

Do you operate a marine business and/or transport goods? Marine Insurance is designed to provide peace of mind when you have a ship or vessel that requires insurance, or you are moving cargo across sea, land or air.

Motor Insurance / Commercial / Heavy Motor Insurance

Policy provides coverage for physical loss, damage or theft to your vehicle. It can be extended to cover Loss Damage or injury to a third party.

Plant & Equipment Insurance

Plant & Equipment Insurance is important for a wide variety of businesses that rely on mobile plant and equipment to continue their business activities. It protects the equipment itself, but also the liabilities associated with its use, from portable tools and the smallest of earthmoving machines, to forklifts and the largest of cranes.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance isn’t just limited to typical ‘professions’ such as accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors and architects. Essentially, anybody providing advice or consultancy services for a fee has an exposure that needs to be considered.

Property Insurance

Cover for loss or damage to your physical business assets in the event of an incident occurring.

Social Engineering Fraud

Social Engineering Fraud (SEF) is when a fraudster gains the trust of an individual, usually within a role of influence within a business, and ‘tricks’ them into sharing confidential information or even transferring funds directly to the criminal.

Strata Insurance

Every owners’ corporation (also known as the body corporate) is obliged to take out Strata Insurance to cover the building, common property and common area contents of a strata scheme. Insurance is available for both residential strata and commercial strata properties.

Workers’ Compensation

While some occupations and industries have a higher risk of workplace incidents and/or fatalities than others, Workers’ Compensation is compulsory for all Australian employers. It provides financial compensation to workers if they suffer a work-related injury or illness.

Easy-to-use online portal that’s available 24/7 from your mobile or desktop.


Download by clicking on your preferred app provider below. Don’t forget to insert your branch code when promted!

My Branch code: 600

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Superior Life Insurance you can trust. It's Quick and Smart.